Reliable partner for a trader – Robinhood review

Each person strives to build his own happiness: to achieve personal goals and feel pleasant emotions. It can be an exciting hobby, creative realization, travel, etc. But one thing is clear – you need money and financial independence. The irony is that many people are forced to work hard from salary to salary – this doesn’t look like freedom. According to statistics, only about 20% of people can make a large purchase without planning or hitting the family budget. Moreover, most of the residents must to work hard to ensure their lives and care for their loved ones.

However, an active person will always find an opportunity to make good money. We are talking about trading that is available to almost any user and allows you to make good profits. All a client needs is a small start-up capital and internet access. All that remains is to carefully analyze the current market situation and conclude the most profitable deal. It is, of course, important to choose a reliable broker that will provide security and provide the most benefits to the client. Through this overview, you will find out is Robinhood available in South Africa, as well as much other useful information about the service.

How can you make money on binary options?

Trading is a complex and complex system that offers a large number of strategies, signals, and indicators. But the entire market has several basic principles, such as: “buy cheaper, sell more expensive”, “determine the best time to enter the deal”, “sell the asset with the maximum profit.” The bottom line is that the value of each asset changes every minute. A professional trader can thoroughly analyze the situation and make a forecast of how the market situation will change. The profit from a successful transaction with a reliable broker can range from 60 to 190%. You can make Robinhood trading in South Africa (if you are an american resident) with different types of binary options.

Call/Put. The most popular type of classic binary options. Everything is simple here (in theory) – it is necessary to determine the direction of the asset price movement. The client conducts a thorough analysis using the chosen strategy and chooses an option to raise (Call) or decline (Put). If the decision is correct, he makes a profit.

Touch/no-Touch. Another option that is popular with many traders. Imagine each asset has a price barrier (higher or lower) defined by the broker. It is necessary to decide whether the price will touch this mark for the specified period or not. An additional advantage is that you can take profit without waiting for the expiration date (if the “Touch” condition is selected and fulfilled).

In/Out. Here the broker defines two boundaries for the asset (upper and lower) that form the sector. The price can go beyond it or stay within these boundaries. The trader analyzes the situation and concludes whether this indicator will remain inside (In) or not (Out) at the end of the expiration period.

Turbo-option. This is a type of option that attracts a large number of users due to its high-profit share. But this is a high-risk tool. Because the expiration time here is very short (from one to five minutes) and it is not possible to carry out an accurate analysis. Therefore, trading here is similar to gambling in a casino.

Digital-options. The tool of choice for judicious traders. The expiration time is sufficient here (from a week to a month). This period allows you to analyze all the necessary factors, pay attention to the necessary signals and indicators, and then make the right decision. Of course, the percentage of profit is less here, but this is a great way to make money.

Spread. The binary option of choice by the most professional traders. Because in this case, it is necessary not only to determine the direction of the asset’s price movement but also to indicate the exact value after the expiration period. Therefore, it is necessary to use the best strategies and understand all the principles of the market, which is available only to real professionals.

Robinhood is the broker you deserve

Of course, the ability to analyze the situation, use the strategy correctly, and make decisions on time are very important. But it is also very important to choose the right broker who will provide you with all the necessary conditions and ensure timely profit payments. Thanks to this Robinhood review, you will learn useful information about the company.
History of success

Today the broker is one of the leaders in the segment, but back in 2014, almost no one knew about the company. It was in this year that the platform was officially registered in California (USA). The founders of the company were two fellow students – Baiju and Vlad, who wanted to create an ideal platform for trading on various assets and binary options.

The main principles of Robinhood are customer care, maximum security, convenience, and a wide range of trading tools. The real popularity came in 2017 when the development of the mobile platform began. Today the clients of the firm are several million traders who make thousands of transactions for large amounts every day, but the platform is available only for american residents – you cannot trade in Robinhood in South Africa or other countries.


Many potential clients ask the question – “can I use Robinhood in South Africa?”. This is important because the user must be sure that he is making money legally. The answer to this question is “No”. You don’t need to worry (if you are a resident of the USA) , because the platform has been officially registered in the United States and received all the necessary documents. Moreover, the company is certified by the Securities and Exchange Commission (USA) and the Securities Investor Protection

Corporation (USA). This means that the regulator acts as a third party in the event of dispute resolution in court. And the best part is that all the trader’s deposits are insured and can be compensated for up to $500,000, including cash payments (up to $250,000).

Your real safety

Client safety and protection from fraudsters is one of the most important principles of the company. Therefore, only the most modern programs are used to protect personal information. For example, SSL 3.0 encrypts personal information (credit card number, transaction history, an account password, etc.) using dynamic 256-bit code.

Such a cipher cannot be broken, so a fraudster will not gain access to your money. Moreover, even if the password for the account is obtained by fraud, it is still useless information. Because when withdrawing money, the client goes through a verification procedure (you must provide documents for personal identification: passport or driver’s license). This approach allows us to ensure that the profit is received by a real client and not a fraudster.

Also, the support staff will always come to the rescue in case of problem situations. Therefore, you don’t have to look for a Robinhood alternative due to inconvenience or poor quality support. You can quickly get professional help by sending an e-mail with the necessary documents attached.

The site you like

In this important part of the review on the Robinhood trading platform, it is necessary to tell you about the official website of the company. Real professionals worked on the creation of the page. The nice design allows you to focus on the features that you need, and excellent functionality allows you to quickly register or find the required section, which is more convenient than Robinhood alternatives. Therefore, the entry threshold to trading will be minimal.

Also at the bottom of the page, there is a link to a section with useful materials. Here the user can find useful information: advice from professional traders, analysis of popular strategies, Robinhood investing reviews, market news, etc. Knowledge is an invaluable treasure in the modern world, and the platform makes sure that you have access to this wealth.

Opening an account

If you want to put your knowledge into practice, you must register on the platform. This can be done by any trader who has reached the age of majority. The procedure consists of several steps.

1. Visit the official website of the company or launch the Robinhood trading app and click the registration button.
2. Specify personal data important to the company (login, password, email address).
3. Read all required documents and agree to the terms of service.
4. Check your e-mail – there is a new letter here.
5. Follow the welcome link to become a client of the company and get access to a wide range of trading tools.

Demo account

The lack of a demo account is perhaps the most serious drawback. Many alternatives to Robinhood offer their clients this option, which makes it possible to use virtual money to conclude trades at real quotes. This method allows you to gain invaluable trading experience without risking real money and choose the most effective strategy. The company does not offer users this type of account, so you will have to learn all the secrets of trading in practice by making a deposit and concluding real deals.

Account types

It’s time to make real money and open a deposit. There are three types of accounts: cash account, standard, and Robinhood gold, review of which is below. Cash account has no restrictions for day trading but does not allow using leverage, and withdrawal of funds takes 4-5 days. The standard account provides instant crediting of funds (up to $1000 per week) but has some restrictions on day trading. Robinhood gold account holders have the opportunity to use leverage, as well as a deposit of up to $50,000 per week.

Account replenishment and withdrawal of funds

To conclude real deals and get real profit, you need to replenish the deposit. Robinhood’s account funding is free of charge, however, only bank transfer can be used to fund your Robinhood account.

The Robinhood Standard and Gold accounts have the option to make an instant deposit, but this is not available on the Cash account. Instant deposit means that money is immediately credited to your account. However, on a standard Robinhood account, instant deposits are capped at $1000 per week. All transfers over $1000 per week are credited within 4-5 business days. If you transfer $1,500 to your account, $1,000 will be credited immediately, and the rest will be received in 4-5 business days. This period of 4-5 business days is quite long compared to competitors.

If you upgrade your account to Robinhood Gold, you can instantly deposit up to $50,000 per week. Also, you can even regularly transfer money to your Robinhood account using the automatic deposit feature. It can be configured to fund your account weekly, twice a month, monthly or quarterly. Besides, you can also link your bank account to your Robinhood account, thereby further speeding up the escrow process. The minimum limit for the replenishment of the deposit is $100, and for withdrawal – $200.

As with account deposits, withdrawals are performed without commissions and only via bank transfer. For the first time, you will need to go through the verification procedure and confirm your identity. Besides, you should consider the following restrictions

• There is a withdrawal limit of $50,000 per day.
• If you deposit money, but do nothing with it, the withdrawal takes 5 business days.
• If you sold your shares before withdrawal, it takes three business days.

The opportunity to make money – Robinhood stock review

The company offers clients to make money on the type of assets that are most understandable and accessible to him. The platform provides access to several hundred options, including the Forex on Robinhood market, currencies, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, binary options, company stocks, raw materials, precious metals, oil, etc.

Also in the Robinhood stock trading review, it must be said that the process of making deals becomes more convenient due to a wide range of settings. The user can add to the chart those signals and indicators that he needs. This approach allows you to determine in time the best time to enter and exit a trade. Let trading be the way you want it to be.

Mobile commerce – Robinhood app review

Another important advantage that allows you to make money wherever you want. A trader can install a special program on his phone or tablet (iOS or Android) and get access to a wide range of functions. Moreover, there are many Robinhood app reviews from real users who celebrate the program’s excellent performance and quality interface. And good optimization avoids errors even with a weak internet signal. Now you can trade with Robin hood in South Africa and other countries (if you are a US resident) or wherever it is convenient.

Profit percentage

The sites offer customers the to earn safely and profitably. The highest indicator is with turbo-options (180-190%), and the large leverage provided by the company allows you to conclude large transactions and maximize profits.


The broker has many positive aspects, providing clients with a high level of security and offering a low commission for withdrawal of profits. What’s more, thanks to the Robinhood app South Africa, you can trade anywhere you want (if you are a US resident), and additional leverage allows you to close large trades. Among the disadvantages of the platform, one can note a small number of ways to replenish a deposit, but the number of advantages is significantly higher. So Robinhood can be your trusted trading partner.