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Review and comparison of the TOP 10 most popular brokers.




There are many online brokers on the Internet, so you need to accurately understand with whom you want to invest your money. We did a review and comparison of the TOP 10 most popular brokers and we show you best e trade sites in 2020.

In our reviews, we focused on 2 of the most important aspects: security and platform capabilities. You can trade anything, the market provides many options: stocks, forex, CFD, cryptocurrencies or options. The main thing is that the broker is safe.

Comparison table of top 10 best online forex brokers with top online trading platforms

Below we have prepared for you a comparison table of the top 10 online investment companies by the main parameters: Regulation – which international companies regulate the broker. The presence of a demo account and the ability to check the platform live. Minimum deposit, Leverage and several other important parameters.

We want to help you chose best web trading platform and free online trading sites where you can easily earn on your investments.


Our task is to provide you with objective data and reviews online trading brokers. Possessing some internal data of industry participants, they can sometimes change. We do not do paid reviews and our interest in this project is absolutely statistical. All presented brokers have free accounts. We strongly recommend that you try the platform at a free rate before using real money. See the top free online brokers in the table above.